Brody Development

Working with Integra, Forma and Portico on COVO has been a real pleasure. Together we were able to take a concept and evolve it into homes that we would be proud to call our own.  The concept for the design of project came from conversations with past clients and North Vancouver residents. We were told that what is in demand doesn’t exist, yet. People are looking for a townhome that provides access to local amenities and services, facilitates an active lifestyle of biking, hiking and skiing, provides an option for working from home, offers indoor and outdoor space to entertain and a cozy yet inviting place to call home. Designing townhomes which deliver all of these goals was the epicenter of the concept for COVO.  Focusing on three guiding principles, Modern, Distinctive and Inviting, Brody Development is both excited and proud to welcome seven new owners, home to COVO, in the heart of Lynn Valley.