Integra Architecture

COVO is situated in the heart of Lynn Valley. The positioning of the building on the site was carried out to create a prominent corner of Baird and Harold Road with landscape planting to establish a strong street presence. The townhomes are oriented around an internal autocourt providing access to private garages.

The unit’s design maximizes natural ventilation, neighborhood views and a connection to the outdoors. The modern townhouses have a strong undulating building facade with individual entries from Harold and Baird Roads. The building’s size, colours, form and height have been used to accentuate the individuality of each townhouse. A ‘clean’ horizontal expression is used to accent the wood appearing soffits and need for weather protection in Lynn Valley. The use of screens on balconies provide privacy in addition to solar and wind protection.  The building has a bold presence softened by materials such as wood and stone, common in residential use. Substantial elements such as larger roof overhangs and the use of stone are incorporated at the corners, base of the building and main entries, creating a sense of permanence.

The landscaping, designed by award winning, Forma Landscape Design, is intended to create an interesting and sustainable landscape character for the site, as well as a unique and friendly streetscape. Passive solar design and cross ventilation has been used to increase sustainable liveability.